• Architectural Photography

    For anyone in the construction and building field, you know how important it is to have crisp, detailed, and beautiful photographs to serve as samples of your work for potential clients. High-quality professional photographs can showcase your skills and specialties, while highlighting the versatility and practicality of your business. Kyle Zirkus Photography can take strong, detail-oriented pictures of your finished spaces, or record the progress of a building project in order to impress potential clients.

  • Time Lapse Photography

    Time-lapse photography can emphasize the massive changes that a project or site has undergone. If you want to showcase improvements, growth, and your skills, time lapse photos can capture each detailed change. This technique is highly valued, and is extremely popular on social media sites. Short-term time-lapse photography can range from one to two weeks, condensing it into one to three minutes. The specific times of the time-lapse can easily be adapted for each client’s needs and the span of the project.

  • Progress Photography

    Oftentimes, potential clients for construction companies find it difficult to visualize the way an empty space can be transformed into a beautiful home, commercial building, and more. Progress photography can capture the path a building takes from the blueprints through the finished product. Progress photography can record the major milestones for both current customers who want to see the progress of a project, and to serve as marketing tools for potential customers. All photos can be shared on social media, with the appropriate credits.

  • Aerial Photography

    Aerial photography is one of the most interesting photograph styles, adding depth and grandeur to any project. For construction and architecture, aerial photography allows for a showcasing of the entire size of a project, and can capture new angles and lines that ground photography just can’t capture. All aerial photos by Kyle Zirkus Photography are taken using an aerial quadcopter, capturing 12 megapixels from jaw dropping perspectives.


    Kyle Zirkus Photography combines traditional photographic field techniques with the new abilities of modern technology in order to create visually striking photos. Through the combination of strobe light and natural light, he expertly documents the space of the subject, creating an artistic mood while capturing the essence of the design of each and every shot. No matter the size of the job, Kyle promises to deliver only the highest-quality images.


    Kyle tailors his service to suit the individual needs of all of his clients. Time deadlines, and budgetary restrictions can easily be accommodated. Pricing plans are offered at either a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency, depending on the project. All pricing plans are affordable, and can be easily canceled if necessary. Kyle Zirkus Photography carries general liability insurance and knows how to safely engage in active working project sites.